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Murder Mystery​ Parties

Tired of the same old, same old?

A successful dinner party may linger in your guests’ memories for a few weeks at best, but a murder mystery party that includes carefully crafted scenes, costume suggestions, menu planning, role-playing tips, personalized invitations and awards for your guests, and numerous extra activities and mini-games for the players, is certain to be one of the most memorable events to which your guests have ever been invited!

Mysteries for all group sizes

Whether you are on a budget and want a simple, unique way to entertain your friends, or if you want to devote an entire weekend to a lavish party where your guests spend hours unraveling the dark details of the plot until the grand conclusion is revealed, Occasions can make sure it is an unforgettable event!.

What our clients are saying

Murder Mystery party was fantastic! Endless fun, suspense and all sorts of characters! Even concocted a drink after my character's name! 

Adam A., November 4, 2018

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